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Hello all! I was musing yesterday about ethics, this word very beautiful and very used nowadays. But is that ethics is just a pretty word? The ethics primarily means respect, character, honesty, but for some people means nothing. I know that few people will read this text, but I'll do my part. I see that the search for ethics for many people is something utopian, but it looks pretty funny when we demand that politicians be ethical in our work we are ethical, we are ethical in our relationships. Look how many things require ethics is not, then I'll go a little deeper, then I question you: you demand in your everyday act ethically, you ponder your actions before making a decision. Yesterday I was thinking about the copyright of the works of art that are exposed on the web, I think that artists lose much because some unscrupulous people think that because a work of art is exposed on the network, has algun right on it, not many people are content to admire the art and nor respect their copyright. So these people will explore the art of every possible and impossible too. I'm sure many are wondering where is the ethics of these unscrupulous people, looks ethics appearing again, I know I talk about copyright and something very delicate, especially on the internet because they do not talk much about it. In my personal experience I ever I explore an artist or his work, whether or copying without permission commercially exploiting a work which did not come out of my intellect. I'm thinking about the future, as will the works of art are displayed or how artists will deal with these issues. I let some advice to those who think art is just fun and not a job like any other profession, think that artists need to earn their bread honestly and that their art is your work tool. Before doing anything that harms somehow a work of art or an artist think ethically and put yourself in the other lugrar. I see that many people still have a certain bias with artists, and classify them as being worthless or unimportant, unfortunately still hear murmurs saying that art is something to bum in the eyes of many. I'm sure most artists are serious people who care and ethics and respect with colleagues and with the public. So have a respectful attitude to art and the artist is especially necessary at all, I believe this should be part of anyone's education, maybe that thought was put into practice the most valued artist and his work.
Hello all! I'm working hard these days, I'm very in tune with my creations, I will soon post my new work. I am very motivated with my recent experiences. I'm also evaluating some old projects, it is always good you review your old work because we have good surprises and great inspirations. I am of those who do not get rid of any design, even those who believe not serve more. I have a huge archive of digital and traditional work, not separate myself from them for nothing. They are my treasures, I also have a lot of work on a number of sketch book. Hugs and until the next post.
An artist discovers he is decadent and poor ... Our That sounds horrible, but I'm sure there is something even worse, an artist really be condemned when he loses his imagination. For many artists it means death or great chaos to brainless. Must be unfortunate not to have imagination, creativity and a brain without totally idea is something terrible. Often an artist goes through periods that leaves less imaginative, but it ends soon and good ideas sugem in an instant. I understand the act of creation as a daily exercise, keep thinking I hear the comments that come up and down the corridors and the backstage world of arts ... The guy is very good artist but his creativity is very limited, most of his works have inspired doubtful, until it seems very cruel but it's true. While some are creating others prefer to copy and spy on other people's work, it is lack of imagination? These guys are losers, I'm watching you. I do not believe there is such a thing as laziness, lack of stimulation, or fatigue. When I'm out of idea to develop my work I will read in the library, go to vernissage friends or watch a movie, I play with the kids and nephews and I see all the energy and imagination they have, it encourages me a lot and this reflects positively on My job duties. I like doing different things to escape the routine, I think this is very stimulating for creativity emerge, I believe that exercising the mind with imaginative stimuli is fundamental to any person regardless of their professional activity. Particularly transform idleness in creative exercises using my sketch book, or doodling on the tablet, I also like going to the ecological park, like seeing street art go to many places in my city where artists do murals artistic, I find it very stimulating admire the works of outdoor art. Carpe diem!
The Brazilian community is mourning the recent tragedy, were 233 young people who lost their lives. I hope God will comfort the relatives and friends, know that it is very difficult to overcome a trauma so great. My deepest feelings to those who are suffering at this very sad.
Buy a set of 100 colors with color pencil is it worth it? I have a set of color pencil with 48 colors, I love the variety of colors but I have not used a few colors. Usually a basic color pencil case comes with 12 basic colors, if I were a manufacturer would add at least 2 black color pencil, in my case has colors that I use a lot in my work and they end quickly. In my list the colors that are missing from overuse are: black, brown, red, yellow, blue and orange. See that curious, the colors I mentioned are mostly primaries, I now try to be more methodical when I buy my color pencil, I prefer to buy my stuff loose. I believe I'm finally being practical and making money from my savings, cut all unnecessary spending. I feel I'm doing the right thing, my recent work has been executed with primary colors, complementary colors and I do through mixtures. I'm using fewer colors and feel that the tonal values ​​of my works become richer, of course we can add tertiary colors in our color chart, but with enough restraint because the study of tonal values ​​through the mixtures is very important for the development of our work. A good way to study is to observe the tonal values ​​palette of Impressionist masters, they used fewer colors and managed a wide variety of tones, I've researched a lot about this topic and I confess that I am fascinated by the ability of some Impressionist artists. I'm also seeing some work: François Boucher, William Turner, Diego Velázquez, Jean Marc Nattier, William Bouguereau, John Singer Sargent, all these artists had stupendous color palette. Returning to the subject of color pencil is much more convenient than buying elemental colors buy a variety that you will not use, my tip is to buy your favorite colors or predominant in his works. Hugs to all.
In a conversation with a friend I realized that there is a certain prejudice against people autodidacts, we were talking about the quest for knowledge through practice and research. Some people can easily develop some skills, others need more efforts to acquire more skill. I see no problem in having more skills, I think that many people inherit a natural predisposition to develop certain activities, call this fact vocation, gift or talent. In my family we have been blessed with many gifts, my brothers also have several abilities. I remember in elementary school my drawings were already different from other children, I drew animals look more real and not idealized representations. In my personal experience with multiple skills I can declare that some people can understand and identify their skills and exploit them in the best way possible. In many cases this trait to possess many skills can become a problem if not accompanied by wisdom, if people do not know properly apply their skills may seem presumptuous or be interpreted as if it were fact. Some people feel uncomfortable when they feel threatened by another person more qualified, if the person does not know how to handle this type of situation can face many problems such as bullying and other unpleasant situations. Particularly I see no problems in being self-taught, often do not have oportudnidades execer of a vocation, but that does not mean we can not learn or deepen knowledge about this vocation. We must never stifle or abandon a skill or talent, I think it's more important to the dedication and also the quality of the result you want to achieve in studies and research. I am very optimistic about the possibility that we can learn by yourself, that does not mean we did not use the traditional methods of learning does not make us better or worse. In many cases some people can excel in their skills without having studied with masters or teachers. I believe there will be a time when people with multiple skills will socialize normally with others without discriminção or separation, I always thought a normal person has five professions or be ambidextrous.
I am shocked and dismayed by the tremendous violence against children in Connecticut, I'm sorry for what happened, I speak on behalf of the Brazilian community. I pray that the families receive support and comfort at this time so hard.

Painting versus Drawing

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2012, 10:43 PM

Painting versus Drawing, which one is more valuable?

I really like to keep track of events and news that are happening in the visual arts, especially in exhibitions in art galleries and museums and art studios. I realize that many times that some samples or art exhibitions do not command the attention or interest from the public, especially when the focus of the samples of art has as its theme the drawing. I realize that the art galleries do not encourage vernissages sole drawing, and also that the drawing is elevated to high art (or special emphasis). This ever happens frequently regardless of style or category of artistic drawing. I do not know if I'm being biased, but I realize that the painting has bigger audience for the public to enjoy art. I do not know if it's something cultural, or is the way the media has been spreading and conveying art exhibitions, there is a noticeably greater enthusiasm and preference for paintings exhibition by the media and art critics. No doubt there is glamor in a vernissage of paintings, but I'm sure that the drawing has great charm and value. Imagine the beauty of a sketch Rambrandt, or Candido Portinari, and drawings of unbelievable Ruedi Giger and others that my list of artists who are adimirados by all. There is still some doubt about that, is that the drawing is just a mere detail in the design of a work of art? I wonder if a collector is more advantageous to invest your money in painting or drawing. I would love to know if I'm being inconsistent in my question, actually a painting can be more important than a drawing. What is your opinion about that?

The intriguing process of attraction!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 10:58 PM

Sometimes I wonder why some things seem attractive and others not. I think the selection process of cumulative personal experiences make some things look more pleasant and attractive. This selective instinct is intimately connected to our decision process, we often tend to generalize to choose something. This happens to our taste, colors, smells, sounds, people, friends and also with the person you might fall in love. I have seen some reasons that lead us to make deletions in our selection process. I'm noticing that many times we reject something because it does not recognize it in our library of idealized standards, and why not allow ourselves to change our opinion, and also because we refuse to try things outside of our concepts and ideals. This happens especially when we face patterns different from ours, so we created barriers that cause us to refuse or delete something, without making a deeper analize. This makes me think that often we fail to experience and enjoy the things of life through laziness or fear of knowing and experiencing a new repertoire. Often pruned ourselves, imagine how many friendships have left out for having a wrong impression of a person, how many delicious meals we stop for finding bad taste without having experienced. Often make mistakes in our choices, because we tend to be passionate and biased, and put our ideas and values ​​as if they were single. I am reviewing it now, and I'm realizing that the first impression is not what it is ... I am sure this personal process of seeking new things strengthens us and makes us more mature.

Be happy by making someone else happy.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 12:02 PM

I feel privileged to be able to produce art and especially for having the initiative to share my work with everyone. Most artists who are part of my circle of friends, they teem a very peculiar way of working, which I consider very lonely. Although they produce artwork of excellent quality, their art becomes very private and closed. Many of the artists I know do not use social networks to disseminate, share and promote their work. I personally think very democratic the possibility to share my artistic productions for the Web. I imagine the amount of lost opportunities that my colleagues getting away from the digital universe. I'm sure that technology must be accompanied by all people regardless of their occupation; I think being updated with your time is a necessity especially for producing art. My recent experience with the digital world was very important for the development of my work, I learn new things every day and have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other artists or just chat with art lovers, and this is simply wonderful. We can be a lot happier when we share something with others, especially when we can share knowledge. I see that making art is not limited only to express ideas, concepts and feelings can also socialize with other people even if they have different thoughts from ours. Today art has spread so that there is no boundaries to it, and each time something new comes along that arouses our interest to see people and think about each concept. Art survives because of the artist and the people support and are interested in it. We artists have overcome many difficulties as in any other profession, but what sets us apart from other professions is the simple fact of producing art for pleasure and still has the happiness to share this pleasure with people and there is nothing that compares to this.

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Olá amigos! Quem quiser trocar idéias, dicas e truques sobre artes e especialmente sobre desenhos e ilustrações e quiserem me adicionar no facebook. Segue o……
Olá! Estou lendo alguns artigos a cerca das artes visuais produzida nos últimos tempos. Resolvi postar uma observação a esse respeito, apesar de polemico esse tema bastante atual merece atenção especial. Quero deixar claro que não sou especialista no assunto e nem quero criar um tratado a respeito das artes. Com o aparecimento de novas mídias para as artes, hoje as pessoas têm um acesso maior as produções artísticas atuais. Hoje possuímos grandes mídias aliadas na divulgação e na distribuição da produção artística. A internet tem um papel muito importante nesta grande aldeia global onde o acesso a informação é feito através de um click.  Essa facilidade abriu o mercado artístico para o mundo, essa grande novo canal de divulgação serviu para popularizar todos os tipos de produção artística. Essa nova fase levou o público a ter um maior contato com as artes tradicionais e também com novas formas de arte e principalmente com os novos conceitos a respeito da arte e da cultura. Sinceramente não sei julgar as conseqüências dessa aproximação entre a arte e o seu novo público. Hoje as artes deixaram de lado muitas de suas características tais como: unicidade, conceito, estética, valor, qualidade etc. Muitas vezes vejo notas a respeito de trabalhos artísticos e fico reticente sobre a arte em questão, então me pergunto, isso é arte verdadeiramente? Eu tenho certeza que muitas pessoas fazem essa mesma pergunta, e provavelmente questionam-se a respeito dos produtos do mercado cultural. A indústria da cultura apresenta seus produtos de maneira inquestionável e absoluta, ela está certa a esse respeito? Devemos ou não ser críticos com suas ofertas culturais? Cabe a cada pessoa avaliar criticamente e filtrar os valores artísticos. Particularmente desconfio de muita coisa que é sucesso na mídia atual, sei que muitas pessoas não têm noção dos seus direitos enquanto consumidores de cultura. Atualmente a arte é muito tendenciosa, ser crítico é muito mais importante, fico imaginando como será arte para as futuras gerações e não nego que me preocupo com os rumos da arte atual. Será mesmo que na vida e na arte tudo é permitido?

Hello! I am reading some articles about the visual arts produced in recent times. I decided to post a note about this, despite the controversy on this subject, it deserves much attention. I want to make clear that I am no expert on the subject and do not want to create a treatise on the arts. With the emergence of new media for the arts, people now have greater access to current artistic production. Today we have big media allies in the dissemination and distribution of artistic production. The Internet has a very important role in this great global village where access to information is done through a click. This facility opened the art market to the world, this great new channel for dissemination served to popularize all kinds of artistic production. This new phase has led the public to have greater contact with the traditional arts and also on new forms of art and especially with the new concepts about art and culture. I honestly do not know to judge the consequences of this rapprochement between art and its new audience. Today the arts have abandoned many of its features such as uniqueness, concept, aesthetics, value, quality etc.. I often see notes on artwork and I am hesitant about the art in question, then I wonder, is this really art? I'm sure many people ask the same question, and probably asked themselves about the cultural products market. The culture industry presents its products so unquestioned and absolute, she's right about that? Or not we should be critical of its cultural offerings? Each person critically evaluate and filter the artistic values. Particularly suspicious of much that is success in the mainstream media, I know that many people are not aware of their rights as consumers of culture. Currently the art is very biased, being critical is more important, I wonder how it will be art for future generations and do not deny that I care about the direction of contemporary art. Is it really true in life and art everything is permitted?