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An artist discovers he is decadent and poor ... Our That sounds horrible, but I'm sure there is something even worse, an artist really be condemned when he loses his imagination. For many artists it means death or great chaos to brainless. Must be unfortunate not to have imagination, creativity and a brain without totally idea is something terrible. Often an artist goes through periods that leaves less imaginative, but it ends soon and good ideas sugem in an instant. I understand the act of creation as a daily exercise, keep thinking I hear the comments that come up and down the corridors and the backstage world of arts ... The guy is very good artist but his creativity is very limited, most of his works have inspired doubtful, until it seems very cruel but it's true. While some are creating others prefer to copy and spy on other people's work, it is lack of imagination? These guys are losers, I'm watching you. I do not believe there is such a thing as laziness, lack of stimulation, or fatigue. When I'm out of idea to develop my work I will read in the library, go to vernissage friends or watch a movie, I play with the kids and nephews and I see all the energy and imagination they have, it encourages me a lot and this reflects positively on My job duties. I like doing different things to escape the routine, I think this is very stimulating for creativity emerge, I believe that exercising the mind with imaginative stimuli is fundamental to any person regardless of their professional activity. Particularly transform idleness in creative exercises using my sketch book, or doodling on the tablet, I also like going to the ecological park, like seeing street art go to many places in my city where artists do murals artistic, I find it very stimulating admire the works of outdoor art. Carpe diem!
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February 21, 2013


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