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Hello all!
Look at me here again, this time I'll address another very controversial issue regarding the copyright! I was thinking: I've seen many artists who are true sources of inspiration for all of the DA, his works are inspiring to everyone, and there is no doubt about that. I realized that these wonderful artists are capable of arousing the admiration of many people, and his works serve as inspiration for other works of other artists. I see that history repeats itself over time, in renscimento the great masters left many disciples who mimicked his techniques and in some cases were responsible for making copies of the works of its masters. Nesssa time there were many intrigues and disputes between artists, was very common rivalry between groups of artists of the time. How could it be here on DA is no different, the great masters of art are multiplying disciples. I particularly like to hear and try to learn different techniques, copy not work, because from my point of view it hurts my ethical principles, I am not against people copy, just think when we decided to make a copy or version of a work of art, we should mention the name of the artist who inspired us, it is politically correct to be done. From the point of view of many art critics when making copies of a work of art, who runs the copy loses the opportunity to do something unique, or something of your own intellect. I believe that insecurity is something that hinders creativity of many artists, so many people find it more comfortable to follow or imitate something that already exists, rather than expose their own ideas. I'll go deeper this issue, many people who incapacity or of insecurity, copies portions of a job and assigns the authorship itself, certainly when it occurs a tremendous frustration, I think, to anyone who takes this kind of attitude, I know that in intimate one knows that his work was not completely his creation. In my design creativity is linked to imagination, it reminds of the famous phrase - Albert Einstein - "Imagination is more important than knowledge", I could still cite a long list of distinguished individuals who have made great discoveries using imagination. I'm sure that making art requires above all imagination, creativity, originality and undoubtedly knowingly. I believe that nowadays many artists are confunsos with their own identities, this leads to insecurity and lack of imagination. You can appropriate art or idea from someone, which is unfortunate, but we can never steal someone's imagination.
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Submitted on
March 19, 2013