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In a conversation with a friend I realized that there is a certain prejudice against people autodidacts, we were talking about the quest for knowledge through practice and research. Some people can easily develop some skills, others need more efforts to acquire more skill. I see no problem in having more skills, I think that many people inherit a natural predisposition to develop certain activities, call this fact vocation, gift or talent. In my family we have been blessed with many gifts, my brothers also have several abilities. I remember in elementary school my drawings were already different from other children, I drew animals look more real and not idealized representations. In my personal experience with multiple skills I can declare that some people can understand and identify their skills and exploit them in the best way possible. In many cases this trait to possess many skills can become a problem if not accompanied by wisdom, if people do not know properly apply their skills may seem presumptuous or be interpreted as if it were fact. Some people feel uncomfortable when they feel threatened by another person more qualified, if the person does not know how to handle this type of situation can face many problems such as bullying and other unpleasant situations. Particularly I see no problems in being self-taught, often do not have oportudnidades execer of a vocation, but that does not mean we can not learn or deepen knowledge about this vocation. We must never stifle or abandon a skill or talent, I think it's more important to the dedication and also the quality of the result you want to achieve in studies and research. I am very optimistic about the possibility that we can learn by yourself, that does not mean we did not use the traditional methods of learning does not make us better or worse. In many cases some people can excel in their skills without having studied with masters or teachers. I believe there will be a time when people with multiple skills will socialize normally with others without discriminção or separation, I always thought a normal person has five professions or be ambidextrous.
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January 4, 2013


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