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The intriguing process of attraction!

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 10:58 PM

Sometimes I wonder why some things seem attractive and others not. I think the selection process of cumulative personal experiences make some things look more pleasant and attractive. This selective instinct is intimately connected to our decision process, we often tend to generalize to choose something. This happens to our taste, colors, smells, sounds, people, friends and also with the person you might fall in love. I have seen some reasons that lead us to make deletions in our selection process. I'm noticing that many times we reject something because it does not recognize it in our library of idealized standards, and why not allow ourselves to change our opinion, and also because we refuse to try things outside of our concepts and ideals. This happens especially when we face patterns different from ours, so we created barriers that cause us to refuse or delete something, without making a deeper analize. This makes me think that often we fail to experience and enjoy the things of life through laziness or fear of knowing and experiencing a new repertoire. Often pruned ourselves, imagine how many friendships have left out for having a wrong impression of a person, how many delicious meals we stop for finding bad taste without having experienced. Often make mistakes in our choices, because we tend to be passionate and biased, and put our ideas and values ​​as if they were single. I am reviewing it now, and I'm realizing that the first impression is not what it is ... I am sure this personal process of seeking new things strengthens us and makes us more mature.

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June 19, 2012